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Tracking location of Android Smartphone with Android Device Manager

iOS and Windows Phones came with a web app which helped you to track location of your stolen or missing smartphone and also wipe out the data in the smartphone remotely. You must have read on the internet how an iPhone was lost in a bar and then sold to a website etc. These case do happen and tracking and locating the device is pretty useful feature.

Android did not come with this feature but with the launch of Android Device Manager by Google, you will be able to track the location of your lost or stolen Android Smartphone as well as you can wipe the device from web if you think your data might be compromised. With the help of Android Device Manager, your smartphone will ring at the maximum volume for 5 minutes even if it has been silenced all in real-time. The service is now available on Android Smartphones running Gingerbread 2.2 and above and to use it you must be signed into your Google Account. How do you feel about Android Device Manager being introduced to help in locating th…

Review about Stylish Bazaar (on request)

Hello friends,

I had been asked by one of my friend to review a newly launched Indian website Here i have tried my best to provide every possible aspect of this website along with some comparisons with the leading websites.

Online shopping in India is booming and it would ultimately be the number one preference for shoppers because of its ease and convenience! With just one click, one can purchase new clothes, electronic equipments, and much more to be delivered directly at the door step.
Online retailing in India is on the rise, but it is highly fragmented and filled with immense challenges. Few web merchants and VC’s predict that the market could twofold in size to more than $3 billion in a couple of years. I personally believe that   there is ample opportunity for online retailers to construct a long-lasting business.
Though the Indian online retailing marketplace is tiny when compared to the U.S., China and parts of Europe, the Indian retail e-commerce summed about …

How to send HTML email using gmail, yahoo, hotmail, outlook etc

Hi friends,

I am back with this post and surely will be updating some technical stuffs regularly here.
Well i was wondering how to send HTML email by using the common email providers like Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc.

To be true i had been searching a few ways to do so. And to some extent i succeeded also but sometimes there were some formatting issues.
I tried using the Edit in HTML feature of but the problem was that the formatting was distorted. So now let me tell how i sent a professional newsletter email made in HTML using my account.
(1) Make an html email using some of the free templates available on the internet, if you are a newbie. If you can do the coding yourself then it will be the best. For my viewers i would recommend a basic template available for free on CakeMail. There also several other templates available.
(2) Customize the template using any html editor. I would recommend using notepad ++
(3) Confirm that the template is saved in HTML …