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Notify me when product is available notification in shopify

It is very important for an ecommerce store to keep track of the products liked by their customers and make the customer aware when the products are back in stock. If you are not using backorders for your products, you need to inform your customers manually about the re-stocked items. However how would you know which product is like by which customer? or which customer is willing to make a purchase when the product of their choice is back in stock?

Well the solution is simple. Use a custom contact form on the product page that collects customers email and send the admin details of the customers email address along with their product choice.

open the product.liquid file and paste the below code at the position where you would like to show the option to customers to put their email address.

{% unless product.available %} <div id="sold-out"> {% form 'contact' %} {% if form.posted_successfully? %} <p class="accent-text">Thanks! We …

How to add product sku to the product details page in shopify

Many shopify themes do not include product sku display options by default and one may need to add them manually.

However, you must be a little familiar with Liquid code so that atleast you can figure out what code to be inserted and where.
I will show you the code to be added. But the location may vary depending on the theme which you are using.
1) From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, then click Themes (or press G W T):

2) click on dropdown and select EDIT HTML/CSS

3) Search for the file product.liquid and open it by selecting it. The file contents will open in the editor at the right side of the screen.
use CTRL + F to search for the codes in the editor.
4) Locate the position where you want to display your product sku. Most stores prefer to show the sku after the product title. in that case look for the term product.title and paste the following code below it.

<div class="product-sku"><label>SKU</label> {{ product.variants.first.sku }}</div>…