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How to disable USB port in windows 7?

Many of the professionals come across a situation when they do not want their employee to transfer the confidential data to their storage devices. However still they want to keep the USB ports open for Keyboard, Mouse and Wireless dongle to connect to a wifi.

It is very easy to do so in windows 7.

Follow the below steps and you are done with blocking your usb ports for storage devices.

(1) Go to Run by pressing Windows + R and type regedit as shown below :

If asked for UAC click on Yes

(2) In the registery editor window click on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE as shown below:

(3) Then Select SYSTEM

(4) Then select CurrentContolSet

(5) Then Select Services

(6) Browse down and select USBSTOR as shown below

In the right window double click on Start.
A dialog box will appear with Value data as 3 as shown below :

Change the value to 4  and click on OK.
You are done. Now you can plug in your Pendrive/usb storage in any of your USB port and you will notice that the Pendrive/usb storage will not be recog…