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Add Cool Css Speech Bubbles To The New Blogger Threaded Comments

Blogger introducedThreaded comment replies to all blogger blogsearly in January 2012.The option to reply directly to comments on Blogger was one of the most popular requests by Blogger users.So a great update but the style of the default blogger comments is still quiet bland.In this post we have a tutorial to add some style to Blogger comments.The Css styles we are adding places the comments in a rounded speech bubble with an arrow to the authors avatar, the reply link is also highlighted.Take a look at the demo below, scroll to the comments..

This tutorial comes courtesy of the greatNoct blog, make sure to check them out.Lets add some style to your blogs comments.

Add Css Styles To Blogger Threaded Comments
Remember Always Back Up Your Template Before You Make Changes -How To Back Up A Blogger Template

Step 1.In The New Blogger Dashboard Click The Drop Down Menu For Your blog And Choose > Template > Under your blogs screenshot choose "Edit Html" > Then Proceed, as show…

Add A Fixed Jump To Comments Button In Blogger

Comments are the major way of getting feedback about our blog posts from readers, therefore comments are really an essential part of any Blog. If you are a blogger too then your always delighted to see new comments on your posts.But there are times when you don't get any comments at all, often in long posts. The problem is that readers don't scroll through the whole page thus they miss the comment area.Even though people are reading your posts you are not getting any comments at all and it's frustrating.
So, how can you improve your site in a way that your blog post gets more comments and the comment form is easily accessible to readers?

This post covers this topic and tells you an easy and effective way of encouraging your readers to comment.The button will be fixed in the bottom right of the page, check out the demo.

Jump to Comments button
It's not going to be a difficult task implementing this button. This button can be used for default Blogging comment system and al…