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As Dengue Fever is spreading very fast now a days, Please spread this message as much as you can so that people can take the utmost care to cure this disease.

Few guidelines for people suffering from dengue fever : 

1. Drink as much water as you can in order to replace fluid loss. It will also help to bring down body temperature.

2. Papaya juice is a natural cure for dengue fever. The juice of Papaya leaf is a sure cure for platellete deficiency.

Two raw papaya leaves are pounded, and they are squeezed with a cloth to strain and filter the juice. Usually, one leaf gives one tablespoonful of juice and two tablespoonfuls of p-juice is sufficient for a day. To preserve its strength, the juice should be taken raw, without altering, boiling or any additions. No saps nor stems of the papaya leaf should be included-only the leaf should be crushed. The powerful ‘Papain’ enzyme in the papaya leaf has the ability to dissolve proteins and is already used for indigestion and stomach inflammation whil…






B0202 Organizational Behaviour

B0201 - Principles And Practice Of Management

MBA - few facts about this blog

Hello friends, this is Ahmed again on educationblog2012... I have recieved a few email asking me for the mba question papers. I surfed the net to find out many of the links redirect to the agents/consultants who charge for giving you just the question paper or probably answers also. The main logic for their work is that they know that majority of the people going for distance course are already employed and don't have much time to visit the official site of SMU. So they take this advantage and ask u for money to provide you with the answers.

First time when i started making assignment for my friend, i found out that majority people are looking for some source from where they can get the answers without having to pay to these consultants. There are many good blogs and websites which provide good material as well as answers for the assignment questions. But to find these blogs u need some patience and need to know the search engine tricks to get the exact site you want.

So i decide…

How to Add a Table to Blogger Blogspot Post

This Blogger tutorial (Blogspot tutorial) explains how to put a table into a Blogger post. You will learn how to create tables in Blogger ranging from a simple table to a more complex table with alternating colors. 

We will start with a basic table and gradually add CSS styling to the table to improve the look and functionality until we have built the table pictured directly below. No knowledge of CSS and HTML is assumed so this Blogger tutorial is suitable for absolute blogging beginners.

A Blogger Table CaptionTable HeaderTable HeaderTable HeaderTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable CellTable Cell
Tables are a useful way to display information particularly tabulated information. Tables are good whenever you want to align information so that it is easy to read and understand. You can add text, hyperlinks and even images to a table which makes them very useful for presenting information.

There is no easy way to add tables…

How to use Update Statement in SQL

Once there's data in the table, we might find that there is a need to modify the data. To do so, we can use the UPDATE command. 
The syntax for this is
UPDATE "table_name"
SET "column_1" = [new value]
WHERE {condition}

Example  (1)
say we currently have a table as below:
Table Store_Information
store_nameSalesDateLos Angeles$1500Jan-05-1999San Diego$250Jan-07-1999Los Angeles$300Jan-08-1999Boston$700Jan-08-1999
and we notice that the sales for Los Angeles on 01/08/1999 is actually $500 instead of $300, and that particular entry needs to be updated. To do so, we use the following SQL query:
UPDATE Store_Information
SET Sales = 500
WHERE store_name = "Los Angeles"
AND Date = "Jan-08-1999"

The resulting table would look like
Table Store_Information
store_nameSalesDateLos Angeles$1500Jan-05-1999San Diego$250Jan-07-1999Los Angeles$500Jan-08-1999Boston$700Jan-08-1999
In this case, there is only one row that satisfies the condition in the WHERE clause. If t…